Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Passed Proficiency

Today at the Fellowcraft Club at the lodge I was passed my proficiency! I didn't even know there I was going to even take it but Richard, my coach, thought I was ready and it seems he was right.

In Idaho there are two ways you can take your proficiency, one being memorizing the Obligation, the Lamb skin apron and the working tools speeches and taking an open book test. The second is memorizing the entire sermon (catechism). Naturally I did it the 'old' second way. Apparently it has been a few years since someone did it that way. I was really proud of myself though.

I was really surprised to find that all the information actually fitted inside my head and even more surprised when I heard it pouring out as Richard and I went through the paces. All in all, there were 4 Past Masters, the current Worshipful Master, 1 Master Mason, 1 Entered Apprentice, and Richard and I. A committee of 3 was all that was necessary.

Onward to Fellowcraft!


Blogger Hiram Tyre said...

Congratulations on your continued progress in Freemasonry!

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I too have only recently heard the call of freemasonry. Your blog is exactly what someone like myself, new to the call, needed to read as a point of fellowship. I'll keep my eye on your posts and wish you great sucess in your progress.

(Future Bro.) C.G.O.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...


Do you intend to continue blogging on Masonic subjects? Been a while since we heard from you...

3:59 AM  
Blogger I. Coffey said...

Congrats on being Passed! Check out my blog sometime www.weepingvirgin.blogspot.com ... hopefully you will find my blogs as interesting as I have found yours.

Oh, my apologies, I am Isaiah Coffey and I hail from W.C. Thomas 112 (PHA), MWPHGL of Georgia. Travel well and Light with those wages.

Brother I. Coffey
W.C. Thomas 112
MWPHGL of Georgia

12:00 PM  
Anonymous MasonerĂ­a en Mendoza said...

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing and enriching our knowledge. A strong and fraternal hug from Mendoza (Argentina) next to the ever-living love of a brother.

7:51 PM  

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