Friday, February 17, 2006

Not a black ball in sight!

It's official, I've passed my ballot! My petition got voted on last Wednesday night, and I heard the results yesterday. I am so thrilled! My foot is now firmly placed on the path of Masonry and I have my three degree's in front of me. Actually my Entered Apprentice degree is next Wednesday. I never thought that it would be so soon.

I haven't received the letter from the Secretary yet, I'm sure it will arrive sometime today, so all the information I have came from going to the Fellowcraft Club yesterday. Vince and Neil told myself and Ed, the other Mason-to-be. I've already been introduced to the man to be my mentor, Richard. And now I'm gearing up for my first degree. I don't know why though, all I have to do is show up at the appointed time. No memory work yet. Well, I guess I need to be prepared to accept a lot of new information. Be open minded and open hearted.

It seems so surreal. I haven't taken one degree and haven't progressed on the path of Masonry, but I am sooo close. Since I wanted to be a Mason just a few weeks ago, I've been imagining this a lot. Funny that I haven't been imagining actually being a Mason, but just being accepted to become one! It might have something to be with being part of
Generation Y and our insatiable need to have things now.

Now, the only question that I have is, what should I bring for the Lodge goat?!


Blogger Florian said...

Nice blog, Bro.
Keep on and good luch!

May the blessing of light be upon you.


11:05 AM  

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