Thursday, February 23, 2006

Entered Apprentice

Last night I was picked up by Kent and brought to the lodge where I had my Entered Apprentice degree. Oh how wonderful it was too! There were two of us that night and it was decided that I was to go first. Everything went great. Kent opened and closed lodge but did not preside over the degree, instead it was Josh Perez, the Junior Warden, who filled in as Worshipful Master.

Before the lecture when I was reclothed, I was allowed to attend while the other person, Ed, took his degree. I felt extremely proud and honored to be able to sit at lodge and be able to witness what I had just went through. A lot of things made more sense watching it when the experience was so fresh.

When I was watching the degree I realized that I had no reason to be nervous. It was everyone else that had to the work, I just had to relax and enjoy the ride. Luckily when I has duly prepared all my nerves evaporated and I was left completely calm.

Now I need to learn and memorize what went on, then I can take my proficiency and advance onward!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Not a black ball in sight!

It's official, I've passed my ballot! My petition got voted on last Wednesday night, and I heard the results yesterday. I am so thrilled! My foot is now firmly placed on the path of Masonry and I have my three degree's in front of me. Actually my Entered Apprentice degree is next Wednesday. I never thought that it would be so soon.

I haven't received the letter from the Secretary yet, I'm sure it will arrive sometime today, so all the information I have came from going to the Fellowcraft Club yesterday. Vince and Neil told myself and Ed, the other Mason-to-be. I've already been introduced to the man to be my mentor, Richard. And now I'm gearing up for my first degree. I don't know why though, all I have to do is show up at the appointed time. No memory work yet. Well, I guess I need to be prepared to accept a lot of new information. Be open minded and open hearted.

It seems so surreal. I haven't taken one degree and haven't progressed on the path of Masonry, but I am sooo close. Since I wanted to be a Mason just a few weeks ago, I've been imagining this a lot. Funny that I haven't been imagining actually being a Mason, but just being accepted to become one! It might have something to be with being part of
Generation Y and our insatiable need to have things now.

Now, the only question that I have is, what should I bring for the Lodge goat?!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's lonely out here

While standing at the door of Freemasonry waiting for admittance, one thought occurs to me. It sure is lonely! I have only met one person who is petitioning the Lodge other than myself. This has gotten me thinking.

I was told once that there is 187 due paying members of
Eagle Rock Lodge #19. Looking at Bonneville county's demographics it seems that there are 82,522 people residing in the same county of the lodge. 56,032 are over the age of 18. 27,456 of which are male. That is a high number of people from which only 187 are due paying Masons.

With only 0.68% of the adult male population of the county being Masons, I have to wonder why this is. Can it be that only 187 are deems good and moral men? Or is that 27,269 are atheists? Maybe it is that the others are not interested enough, or know too little, or don't know at all?

I'll bet dollars over dimes that it is the latter! But in my current state of unenlightenment I am scared that anything about it. To paraphrase Pike I'm afraid that it might bring a "swarming of the unworthy into the Temples".

So, I'll just wait patiently. Alone.