Monday, January 30, 2006

A Noble Quest

Now that I have to wait to find out if I get a positive ballot and start on my degree's, I decided to do some serious study on Freemasonry. I've read a lot of interesting sites, but once I've got deep enough I've been finding a lot of the same stuff. Masonic Traveler and The Burning Taper have been opening my eyes to the broader Masonic world, but I ache for some deeper knowledge.

So, I searched the local libraries online catalog and saw that they have a book called
The Meaning of Masonry. I hopped in my car and drove down there only to discover that they are closed for renovation. Not to be thwarted from my quest, I drove over to Hastings and searched there. The only thing I could find was some conspiracy Freemasonry book, and I wasn't about to waste my money.

Finding my quest halted for now, I ask if anyone out in blogland would be so generous and point me towards some more online resources.


Blogger Masonic Traveler said...

The meaning of Masonry is a GREAT book. It should be a foundation to esoteric masonic thought.

If you can't wait, here is alink to the text on-line:

But a quick search on line will show several sources of the work. I'd love to get your takeon it once you've read and digested it.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Mary and the Widow's Son said...

Wilmshurts' The Meaning of Masonry is an excellent book explaining the esoteric beliefs of the meanings of Freemasonry, as they were understood in the early 20th century. I highly recommend the book. Barnes & Noble reprinted it a few years ago — I bought my copy there, for about eight dollars.

About a year ago I summarized much of the contents of two of Wilmhurst's chapters into a lecture I gave in my lodge (I was the Director of Masonic Educution for three years). I'll be happy to email you a copy of it if you'll write me at blogger1[at]sacredfems[dot]com and give me your email address.

The Widow's Son
The Burning Taper

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Jeremy said...

Thanks for the all the information. It is a bit overwhelming for someone not yet initiated, but thanks none the less.

8:41 AM  

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