Monday, January 30, 2006

I've Marked my Calendar

Ok, my Investigation Committee has come and gone. In, out, 20 minutes. It was painless and easy. I'm nervous.

Ok, maybe not that nervous, but it was too quick. I sure hope that is because I've meet them all before. But now for the worst part. The wait. I'm going to be voted on February 15th. That is 16 days away, 17 before I'll even have a chance to learn my fate. I hate waiting.

But, I've marked my calendar and now I'm trying to exercise some patience. Oh, what an exercise that will be! I have awful patience.

I bet this is a test. Someone somewhere that thinks that Patience it a virtue is trying to teach me a lesson. But will I get something from it, or will I drive my wife crazy?!


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