Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Inquisition Committee

Last Thursday when I went to the Fellowship Club I found out that my petition was read at Lodge the night before and that an Investigation committee was appointed. The Brothers chosen for this were PM Neil DePue, PM Vincente Esparza and JW Josh Perez.

The horrors already began in my mind. I could imagine being tied over hot coals and asked a series of deep personal questions. I could picture them coming to my house dress as the Spanish Inquisition! I know this is extremely irrational, my background was acceptable for the State of Idaho, so it should be acceptable for the Freemasons. Right?!

I've been reflecting on my past and my own character searching for any skeleton that may be lurking where I've forgotten about it. But then I've found this and now my worries are a little bit at ease. I feel like a child in a new school, hoping so desperately that the other kids won't reject me. I guess that is an indicator of how much I want to be a Mason.


Blogger Mary and the Widow's Son said...

Masonic best wishes to you as you journey towards the Light, my Brother.

The Widow's Son
The Burning Taper blog

12:13 PM  

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