Sunday, January 22, 2006

First Contact

The first time I can remember ever thinking about Freemasonry was about 5 years ago when I first moved to Idaho. I was driving by the Masonic Lodge (Eagle Rock Lodge #19) with Andi and saw this symbol.

I remember seeing it on a building before on Long Island, NY but I never thought anything of it. Now seeing it twice in two different places got me wondering. She told me that it was the sign for Freemasonry and told me what she knew; that it was a secret society just for men.

Once we got home I googled it and read about it for a little. The sites I read went on about how it was a secret society with secret handshakes and modes of recognition. They had a few pictures of some guys wearing aprons and suits but nothing really substancial. I soon wrote Freemasonry off as another oddity in the world and forgot about it.

I few weeks ago at the tail end of 2005 something sparked by interest to look up Freemasonry again this time I used my favorite site Wikipedia. The information presented was less consirasy and more factual. It piqued my interest enough to look into it further. What I found was a group of people who shared simular values with me. They had ritual and cermomony and a more formal way of doing things. It captured my attention.

On January 3rd 2006, I emailed the Grand Lodge of Idaho about how to join an have been working towards that objective since then.


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