Monday, January 23, 2006

Brotherly Love

January 10th 2006 was the first time that I stepped foot in a Masonic Lodge and it is something that I will always remember. I was invited there by Kent McCandless to meet with him and a few other Brothers. They get together as the 'Fellowship Club' every week for coffee and company. From the moment I walked through the door to the moment I left I was made feel wanted and a part of something. Kent shook my hand as did everyone present.

I was shown the Lodge Room and we talked about Freemasonry and what it was all about. Even though I've forgotten what we talked about already. I will never forget my first greeting. Being accepted as a man among men. If that is what they mean when the talk about 'Brotherly Love', then sign me up!


Blogger arod said...

It's all about Brotherly Love, Relief & Charity. It's a great and honorable fraternity. Congratulations and good luck on your journey.

Neoacacia # 595
Columbus, OH

9:52 PM  

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